Friday, November 5, 2010

Special UPDATE for Mike Montgomery and Others Who Wonder Where I've Been

Here it is, the beginning of November, and I haven't made a new entry since August. Well, my life has taken some interesting turns in the last few months, and though I'm loathe to go into specifics here, suffice to say, I am now just about settled into a new apartment. I finally got the stereo set up, with the 5.1 surround working via HDMI.

I can finally get around to reviewing some stuff! On the horizon are reviews of the new Bowie Station to Station reissue, the McCartney & Wings Band on the Run deluxe edition, the Badfinger reissues on Apple, Elvis Costello's new one, and the BluRay of Ladies & Gentlemen The Rolling Stones.

Coming very soon — possibly as early as tomorrow — you will see some new reviews you can yiews...

Thanks for hanging on!

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  1. Cool to see you hitting the blog again. Welcome back.