Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Releases Update • November 21, 2010

THE FALL | Live at the Witch Trials [Deluxe Edition]
Their first—and to me, best—album gets the deluxe treatment 31 years after its original release. Live at the Witch Trials, which isn't a live album at all, was recorded in a day in 1979 and showcased the first of seemingly dozens of Fall lineups. This 2CD edition includes the Bingo Masters Break-out EP, a ton of BBC John Peel live tracks, and two live concerts.

XTC | Skylarking
Double vinyl and deluxe double LP versions of XTC's 1986 classic. This time Andy's made sure to supply the cover art the band originally intended (much more exciting, especially if you enjoy pubic hair on your album covers), and if you spring for the deluxe copy, lots of pictures and copious notes from Mr. Partridge and Colin Moulding themselves. The information I've seen doesn't confirm whether the tracklisting is the first version (without "Dear God"), the second one (with it but minus "Mermaid Smiled"), or a version which includes both. It doesn't appear that any of the stellar bonus tracks ("Extrovert," for one) are included. If vinyl's your deal, though, this ought to be pretty nice.

THE CLASH | The Clash [US Version]
Punk's best opening salvo, reissued on vinyl the way it came out in the boring old USA in 1978, almost two years after its UK release. The American version appeared after their second album, Give 'Em Enough Rope, because the import had been selling like the last gangbusters in town and Epic finally relented. The Clash had a very different track listing (it had "I Fought the Law," for instance, which was recorded long after the UK album had been released) and came with a 7" single that featured tracks from the band's then-latest single, "Groovy Times" and "Gates of the West." If you have the 1999 reissue, I'm not sure why you need this unless you just gotta have those two cuts on a 45.

THE WHO | Live at Leeds [40th Anniversary Edition]
If you think this is the best live album EVER, like me, then you may want to get this one. Not only does it come with the 2CD Leeds concert (as released in the most recent Deluxe Edition), it comes with the original vinyl LP (just six songs, but oh what songs!), a replica 7" single ("Summertime Blues" b/w "Heaven & Hell"), a 64-page hardbound book with photos, etc., AND a 2CD "Live at Hull" concert from the VERY NEXT DAY. Sure, Live at Hull sounds dull (I mean the title), but I bet the concert's a scorcher. Either way, the only Who fan I can think of who won't want this is Dick Rossetti, and that's because he can't stomach Tommy (which appears in its entirety, perhaps even twice)!

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  1. As everyone already knows - Live at Leeds is a great album. As a kid growing up in the '70s, I kind of blew The Who off, since it was on the radio all the time. I thought they were okay, but I wasn't fan at all. I remember giving away my Tommy album (vinyl !!) to a friend, 'cause I didn't dig it at all.

    Many, many years later - I sort of rediscovered The Who, including Live at Leeds, which I've listened to numerous times now. It truly is one the best live albums ever.