Tuesday, June 8, 2010

NEWS + The Beatles • Paperback Writer b/w Rain

NEWS: Due to family health issues, I haven't posted anything for a coupla weeks. That'll soon change...

Well, only two months after Record Store Day, the speed demons at Capitol/EMI have finally released the "special" "limited edition" 7" single of my favorite Beatles pairing, "Paperback Writer" b/w "Rain". Ummm, they knew RSD was coming up, I'm sure, and yet, they put this single out in a generic Parlophone 45 sleeve. It's nice, for what it is, but why couldn't they have put it in a picture sleeve? Over the years (and at the time of its inital 1966 release) it's appeared in various pic sleeves (like the ones I have here). Hell, they could have even duplicated the original American generic sleeve and used the '60s orange/yellow "swirl labels. How come no one ever confers with me before doing these things? What they DID do was use the stereo masters of the songs (the original was a mono issue in most territories), which sound very sweet through the stereo.

Here's a memo to the bigwigs at EMI: Next year's Record Store Day is on April 15, 2011 (so I'm told). Start preparing now.
4/5 (Parlophone/EMI)

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  1. how-dee!!! can some one please tell me how many copies were really pressed of the beatles rsd "paperback writer"45. i've heard 1,000 & 4,000.does anyone know for sure ? thanks & keep on rockin", peace, travis**********