Friday, May 21, 2010

New Releases Update • May 21, 2010

The La's | Callin' All (June 8)
Considering they only made one studio album, it's amazing that there's a 4CD box set on its way. But The La's were so good, that one album has stayed in print and made us all want more for nearly twenty years. Callin' All features two discs of singles, album and outtake cuts, including all the remaining unreleased recordings from Lee Mavers' many attempts to cage the bird he heard in his head, while two others feature live performances from 1989 and 1991 (London's Town and Country Club and the Marquee, respectively). I saw them play in NYC in '91 and can tell you, they were superb live. The set is bound in hardback book format, with a 60 page book and artwork by the band's original designer. (Import)

Devo | Something for Everybody (June 15)
After nearly twenty years, America's favorite spuds are back with a new studio album, and it promises to be a great one. You may have already heard the tracks on the band's website, since it was there that, by popular vote, the band whittled 16 tracks down to the 12 that appear on the album. Or maybe you picked up the 12" single on Record Store Day with "Fresh" and "What We Do" on it and heard how great at least two of the cuts are. I don't see a vinyl version listed…

The Dream Syndicate | Medicine Show (June 15)
Los Angeles' fabled "Paisley Underground" of the '80s was represented by many different stripes. Steve Wynn's band was one of the harder-edged groups, and this, their second album, was also their major label debut. Though many found it to be a bit more commericial sounding than their amazing debut (The Days of Wine and Roses), it still had some amazing tunes on it, including "Armed with an Empty Gun" and "Merrittville." The new edition supposedly features much better mastering than the original CD did, plus, the entire live EP This Is Not the New Dream Syndicate… Live, with a bonus, a lengthy workout of "John Coltrane Stereo Blues."

Madness | The Rise and Fall, Keep Moving (June 15)
Two more reissues in Salvo's series of Madness deluxe editions, and you gotta have The Rise and Fall if you're gonna have any of them. This was the album that made people take the band seriously, despite the fact that they'd already had more top ten singles than most bands ever have. As on the other reishoes, this will have all the singles related to the LP (including the US mix of "Our House" as well as "House of Fun" and "Driving in My Car"), B-sides, and lots more. Keep Moving isn't nearly as good, but it does feature the singles "Michael Caine" and "The Sun and the Rain," and a track about marching pickles. (Import)

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