Saturday, April 17, 2010

Record Store Day 2010 • 45s and Under...

The Rolling Stones | Plundered My Soul b/w All Down the Line (Rolling Stones)
A track from the Exile on Main Street sessions, "Plundered" is a pretty good tune, yet it's clear why it didn't make the grade for inclusion on the Stones' awesome album (being reissued in May 2010). It's not bad, but Jagger's voice sounds very weird, sorta the way Dylan's voice was during that late '60s period (i.e., "Lay, Lady, Lay"). The B-side is the same version of "All Down the Line" that appears on the album, as far as I can tell.

Neil Young | Heart of Gold b/w Sugar Mountain (live) (Reprise)
Sadly, nothing new here. The studio, hit version of "Heart of Gold" backed with a live "Sugar Mountain" from the Sugar Mountain: Live at Canterbury House 1968 archival release. Not sure why it says it was recorded "live" (they put the word in quotes, not me), since it certainly sounds live. Probably some grumpy student graphic artist at work...

Elvis Costello and the Attractions | Live at Hollywood High EP [2010] (Hip-O)
Not the same three tracks that appeared on the original 7" that came with Armed Forces, and also not three tracks that aren't on the CD released earlier this year, these three are a good representation of what's on the full length album. With "Pump It Up," "Lip Service" and "Waiting for the End of the World," you get one song from each of EC's albums up to that point (actually Armed Forces came out a few months later than this show). The cover's almost identical to the original 7" sleeve except the white area on the original is now a nicely garish green!

John Lennon | Singles Bag (Capitol)
Three Lennon 45s, a very large poster, three postcards, and a 45 adaptor, NOT IN A BAG but in a cool cardboard satchel thingie. The singles are all reproduced in their original sleeves, so you get "Mother" b/w Yoko's "Why" in a sleeve depicting the two under a tree, "Imagine" b/w "It's So Hard" in the stock Apple Records sleeve (it never came out in a pic sleeve in the US), and "Watching the Wheels" b/w Yoko's "Yes, I'm Your Angel" in its original sleeve*.

I like this package, but I have to admit it gets tiring when people continually get things wrong. I mean, if you're gonna call it Singles Bag, how come these items don't come in a bag? And if you're gonna go with this "bag" theme, then why not do it right and pick singles from the "Bag Era," in which case, "Watching the Wheels," isn't one! (How about "Instant Karma"?) NOW, DON'T GET MAD AT ME, 'CAUSE I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST YOKO EXCEPT... She's the one in charge of Lennon's estate, so you know she's the one who made the decisions, so she's the one who should get it right! And that means not including a 24"x36" poster of her and John in bed during the Bed-In in Toronto in '69, and not including two singles that feature Yoko on them. (Note: Either that, or call it "John & Yoko Singles Bag.")

Yoko, please, let me help you next time. I WANT YOU TO GET IT RIGHT. You may say I'm a dreamer, people, but I'm not the only one.

* This one originally appeared on Geffen Records so the logos have been changed to protect the innocent.

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