Monday, April 19, 2010

New Releases Update • April 19, 2010

The man from The Jam, Paul Weller, has Wake Up the Nation coming out today in the UK. And this time, Jam bassist Bruce Foxton joins in on a couple of cuts. Not only that, but The Move/ELO's Bev Bevan stops by and so does Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine. Good Gosh this Weller feller is prolific in his mid- to old-age! (Island Records UK)

Emitt Rhodes scholars will want to pick up The Merry-Go-Round's You're a Very Lovely Woman–Live, another Sundazed gem by the man's original band. It leads off with "Live," perhaps the MGR's best-known song (later covered nicely by the Bangles). Rumor has it that Rhodes is finishing up a solo album; I wouldn't advise holding your breathe, though.

Saint Etienne have entered the Deluxe Edition sweepstakes. Early May sees the reissue of two two-disc sets, Tiger Bay and Finisterre, on Heavenly (UK). Extra tracks include bonus remixes, rare cuts never issued, and "the perky 'Wedding of Stacy Dorning,' which looked forward to the sunshine pop of 1998's Good Humour." (May 3)

Bruce Licher's historically important Independent Project Records label gets a compilation called Auteur Labels: Independent Project on May 4. The 23-track disc, put out by LTM, is loaded with bands that appeared on IP, including Savage Republic, Camper Van Beethoven, Abecedarians, Fourwaycross and more. No telling yet if the package will include any of Licher's brilliant letterpress designs.

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