Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blur • Midlife: A Beginner's Guide to Blur

How long ago did they issue that Best of Blur collection? Not very long. So? Well, at least they didn't call this "greatest hits." This time, with Midlife, you get a 2-disc Blur collection, with most of what's on the previous one (save the bonus live disc, which was only in the first batch), and a lot of pretty decent album cuts. Personally, I think they should have given us the single A-sides and then the best of their B-sides ("Tame" and "Ultranol" are two of their best songs ever), but if they are really trying to get new fans to sign on—as judged by the title of the set—then this is pretty nice and not too costly. You do get classics like "Advert," "This Is a Low," and the woefully overplayed "Song 2," and there are a couple of versions of songs that are tough to find ("For Tomorrow (Visit to Primrose Hill)" version, anyone), but I think maybe "Trimm Trabb" and "Bugman" could've been given the shove.
3/5 (Virgin US)

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