Thursday, December 10, 2009

Los Straitjackets • Yuletide Beat

A limited edition 10" vinyl release, Yuletide Beat is Los Straitjackets' second holiday hootenanny, and a worthy companion to 'Tis The Season... Sticking closely to the template The Ventures established many decades ago of doing Christmas instrumentals wrapped in popular rock 'n' roll arrangements, the 'Jackets nail ten (one per inch) instros down perfectly. This is my favorite kinda music for this time of the year: you get the Christmas tunes, alright, but not the boring, stodgy arrangements we used to have to hear every year on records by Andy Williams and Johnny Mathis. Here you get guitars, pounding drums, and even wailin' sax doing it the way it oughta be done.
4/5 (YepRoc/Spinout YEP SPIN 2813; available at YepRoc Records)

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