Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Velvet Underground • Singles 1966-69

Sundazed continues their win streak with this, a box set of Velvet Underground singles on ACTUAL 7" VINYL. That's right, friends, not on cute little 5" CD reproductions, but real wax. Seven singles, including the greats "All Tomorrow's Parties," "Sunday Morning," "White Light/White Heat" and even a promo "VU Radio Spot" that was released only to radio stations (and presumably is worth a shitload of money now). Each single comes in the stock MGM sleeve or picture sleeve it originally came in, with proper 45 labels and everything. A printed insert gives background on the records, and the box itself is a full color beauty. The songs sound as blurry and murky as ever, which was part of their charm. I'm not saying they sound bad, you understand, just that they sound the way they were recorded--as opposed to some modern re-mastering job that tried to bring out the bass or maybe even get rid of Nico's vocals. KIDDING!
(Sundazed S 7002)

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