Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Feelies • Crazy Rhythms

Some of you are too young to remember "college radio," but for those of you who do, then The Feelies ought to be remembered pretty vividly. New Jersey nerds with a flair for quirky, Velvets-y tunes, they were played to death all over America. I played the hell out of 'em on KCMU in Seattle, though the record Crazy Rhythms actually came out a year before I first donned the cans in the fall of '81. Well, as typically happens if we're lucky, this great record has just been reissued on vinyl (and CD and download), and it brings back some great memories.

Naturally New Jersey-based Bar None Records have put it out, on thick vinyl and with a very nice pressing and mastering job. (I didn't pick up The Good Earth yet, which has also been reissued, but after revisiting this not-so-much-forgotten-as-just-covered-over gem from my college days, I may just do so.) But Crazy Rhythms was something completely new and exciting and foreign to me when I first heard it. If you know me, or at least knew me then, you'd understand why I gravitated toward their frenetic cover of The Beatles' "Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey," but once you hear it among the other tunes like "Fa Cé-La" and "The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness," you'll think they did the song first and somehow in some kind of reverse time warp The Beatles copped it from The Feelies! BTW, buyers of the LP get a coupon for a free download of the album and bonus tracks not included on the vinyl or CD.

Why, no less than Rolling Stone named this LP the 49th best one of the 1980s! ROLLING FUCKING STONE!
(Bar None BRNLP 106)

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