Monday, November 23, 2009

Barry Miles • The British Invasion - The Music, The Times, The Era

The British Invasion is a fab book that makes the perfect gift for the Britnerd in your life, even if that's you. 300 pages of pictures, album sleeves and even text about how Britian in the Sixties was pretty much the most happening place in terms of culture. Besides the music of the day and ample coverage of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Dave Clark Five, The Who, et al., you get a load of the actors and actresses, movers and shakers that were also a part of the pie. Julie Christy, Patty Boyd, Twiggy, Mary Quant, Jean Shrimpton, Peter O'Toole, Michael Caine, etc. etc. It's a biggie, this book, and yet it's priced much cheaper than you'd think considering the plethora of piccies inside.

Barry Miles
, who's been a biographer to The Beatles, Paul McCartney, The Clash, and more, authored the book Hippie, and owned the famous Indica bookstore in London back in the day. He was partially responsible for turning on Britain's musicians and other very important people to the outside world and all the awesome things in it. The writing itself is nothing to write home about--he tells the stories all right, but he's not exactly Jon Savage when it comes to quality of prose--but how he weaves the stories, and the richness of the photos and layout more than makes up for it. In fact, it's not all that likely you'll read much of it. Like Playboy, you buy this one for the pictures.

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